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Corporate Plan 2014-2018

Download the Royal Museums Greenwich Corporate Plan 2014-18: Stimulating curiosity (PDF, 1.5MB)

We are committed to providing our visitors with inspiring experiences that transform their understanding of our important subjects and collections. This new Corporate Plan, building on the achievements of the Museum over the years of the previous plan, describes our aims and strategies and how we will deliver them in the period ahead.

2018 sees the 250th anniversary of the first of Captain James Cook’s three great voyages of exploration and scientific discovery in HM bark Endeavour. This important international milestone provides us with a great opportunity and a clear focus to make a significant expansion to the Museum's public offer and, at the same time, address current inefficiencies and risks which are due to our difficult historic legacy of multiple storage and conservation sites.

Our ambitious Endeavour Programme will motivate the whole Museum and drive our fundraising towards creating new platforms, increasing opportunity for participation, and new, visitor-led programmes and displays that will refresh people’s engagement with the Museum’s subjects. The efficiencies derived from the estate element of the project will help us to further rebalance our revenue and funding streams and provide long-term stability and security for the collections.

The other vitally important theme is the drive to become ever more self-sufficient. This requires a concerted growth in existing revenue streams and entrepreneurial ideas for new income streams. While we are planning for success, the outcome of the next funding round and our progress with capital fundraising will influence the extent to which we can deliver all of the objectives in this period ahead.

We are confident that this Corporate Plan will guide us to deliver a stimulating experience for our many visitors; and a dynamic and efficient organisation for our many stakeholders and supporters.

Sir Charles Dunstone, Chairman

Dr Kevin Fewster, AM, Director

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