See Sir Christopher Wren's Octagon Room

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Opening times: 
10.00–17.00 daily
Royal Observatory, Octagon Room, Flamsteed House

The beautiful Octagon Room at Flamsteed House was created by Wren as part of his original Royal Observatory design, commissioned by Charles II. It was designed so that the Astronomer Royal could observe celestial events in the night sky.

For this reason, the room has huge windows but the positioning of Flamsteed House was not ideal. This is because none of the walls were aligned with a meridian meaning positional observations were not possible. However, the Octagon Room remains of historical importance because it is one of the few Christopher Wren-designed interiors that you can see in London today. Visit for yourself to appreciate the room's beautiful features, including its wood panelling, and for a wonderful view of Greenwich Park, the Thames and beyond.

The Octagon Room houses a selection of timepieces and astronomical instruments, and entry is included with your ticket to the Meridian Courtyard and Flamsteed House. You can also hire the venue for events.

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