Cutty Sark games and interactives

Essential information

Opening times: 
10.00 - 17.00
Cutty Sark, Ground Level: Lower Hold, The Trader gallery, Level 1: Tween Deck, The Voyager gallery, Level 2: Main Deck
Free to members

On board Cutty Sark you will find games and interactive displays to help you explore the ship’s fascinating history and learn what life was like on board.

Play our app Captain Woodget’s Apprentice on the main deck. Borrow an under-5’s backpack or pick up our new free family trail from the admissions desk to help you explore the ship.

Download our app and join Cutty Sark’s crew as the Captain’s apprentice!

The game is available to play exclusively on board Cutty Sark, and it's quick and easy to download the app before you visit to the ship. 

Download the app

How to play

Step onto the main deck and play the interactive game using your smartphone or tablet. Search for ‘Gamar’ on the App Store or Google Play, download the app and play Captain Woodget’s Apprentice.

Your mission if you choose to accept it

The world-famous Cutty Sark is about to set sail on yet another epic journey with you on board as an apprentice. But this is no cruise. Your skills and effort will be put to the test every day. The crew needs you. The Captain trusts you. Complete important jobs throughout the ship and ensure everyday life on board runs smoothly. Help the crew by ringing the bell, steering the ship and unfurling the sails, or catch mischievous monkeys who like to steal the Captain’s sugar.

This is your chance to join the crew of Cutty Sark and experience what life was like for those who sailed this incredible tea clipper over a century ago. Get a taste of working on board. Could you have handled it?