Climb into Cutty Sark's bunk beds and explore the Captain's cabin

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10.00–17.00 daily
Cutty Sark
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Come aboard Cutty Sark and discover how her crew lived, where they ate, slept - and even where they went to the loo.

Life on board Cutty Sark was run to a strict timetable - and with a strict hierarchy among the crew. Life as the captain could be relatively comfortable, but if you were one of the lowly ship's Ordinary Seamen it might be another story.

Come aboard and see what day-to-day life was like. You can explore the captain's quarters and try out one of the bunk beds where the crew were expected to sleep. Discover the conditions under which food was prepared what they were given to eat every day. Also - just where was it that the crew went to the toilet? Ask one of our volunteers and find out.

As well as our fascinating monthly curator's tours, you can also join one of our family fun weekends, take part in a hands-on workshop and even spend a whole night on board the ship at a Cutty Sark sleepover!

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