Cutty Sark Characters

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Daily | 11am, 12pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm
Cutty Sark, Level 2: Main Deck
Family fun
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Meet colourful characters from Cutty Sark’s past and hear astonishing stories about life at sea in the age of sail.

  • Meet Captain Woodget, Cutty Sark’s longest serving master, to learn about life on board the fastest tea clipper.
  • Find out how the ship got her name, as Nannie the Witch shares amazing stories about Cutty Sark.
  • Mrs Ray misses her boy Clarence, a young ship’s apprentice, but she is comforted by the letters he sends to her from around the world. Find out more about their lives and his letters from Cutty Sark, as Mrs Ray tells you about why her son went to sea and what it takes to be a young apprentice.
  • Join James RobsonCutty Sark's cook for fun and games and find out what was for dinner on-board.
  • Meet Jock Willis, the man who builtCutty Sark.

Call ahead to find out which character will be performing on a particular day - or let yourself be surprised!

Age: suitable for 3+