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We offer a wide variety of onsite curriculum-linked sessions catering for Foundation Stage to Post-16 at Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark. Search our schools sessions below by museum, subject and Key Stage.

This interactive story-telling session will take your class on an exciting journey on board Cutty Sark. Through play and exploration, children will discover what life was like on a real ship as they sail across the high seas with our facilitator.

This interactive story-telling session takes pupils on an exciting journey on board Cutty Sark.

Visit both Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum in one day to find all the inspiration children need to write creative stories set at sea.

This multi-sensory and participatory storytelling session takes pupils on an exciting journey on board Cutty Sark.

This interactive story-telling session reveals how Cutty Sark got her name

Stamping snow from his boots, here’s Tom Crean, hero of three trips to Antarctica led by famous explorers Scott and Shackleton.

Be afraid! You are in the company of the fearless pirate Alice Leghorn, known to her friends and enemies as ‘The Wolf’. Arrrrgh!

Led by a practising artist, this creative and thought-provoking session empowers children to ask questions about a fascinating contemporary artwork.

How do artists paint the sea?

This unique one-day session on the British Empire uses a multi-sensory approach and draws on our collections to address this complex and sensitive subject.