Pick a school session at the Maritime Museum

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Visitor notice: From Monday 6 August – Friday 24 August there will be a reduced reception service at the park side entrance of the museum. Please excuse this disruption as we prepare for the opening of our four new galleries in September. Find out more about our new galleries

Choose from an exciting range of sessions led by our experienced Learning team. A complete day of museum learning from Early Years to Post-16.  Search our school sessions by subject and Key Stage below. 

Visit both Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum in one day to find all the inspiration children need to write creative stories set at sea.

Stamping snow from his boots, here’s Tom Crean, hero of three trips to Antarctica led by famous explorers Scott and Shackleton.

Be afraid! You are in the company of the fearless pirate Alice Leghorn, known to her friends and enemies as ‘The Wolf’. Arrrrgh!

Led by a practising artist, this creative and thought-provoking session empowers children to ask questions about a fascinating contemporary artwork.

How do artists paint the sea?

This unique one-day session on the British Empire uses a multi-sensory approach and draws on our collections to address this complex and sensitive subject.

Book a session on the Great Map as part of your school's visit to the National Maritime Museum.

Examine key leadership themes through the story of Horatio Nelson, in a study day aimed at A-level, Applied A-level Business Studies students.

Explore past and present marketing strategies and analyse the effectiveness of the Museum’s marketing mix (GCSE, BTEC, Applied A-Level).

Vikings were great sailors, building sturdy ships and travelling huge distances. Their seafaring talents took them far and wide, as they raided and invaded other lands, and traded their goods. Our ‘Meet the Vikings’ session examines the skills and technologies they used to equip themselves for long sea journeys.