Special exhibitions

Mudlarking on the Thames

When the tide is out, you can walk along the city’s beaches and pick up precious objects that no-one else has touched for hundreds of years. The Thames foreshore, all the way from Greenwich to Putney and beyond, is littered with treasures: pottery, old clay tobacco pipes, brass buttons and glass bottles. Picking these up is an incredible sensation, and makes one feel deeply part of London’s ever-continuing history; finding them is called mudlarking.

Meet the Experts


9 May: ‘Harlot’ and ‘Heroine’ : Exploring 19th century ideals of womanhood through the lives of Emma Hamilton and Grace Darling

Ellen Weineck, Curatorial Intern


16 May: Battles in Ink: the Pen Paintings of the van de Veldes 

Zoe Mercer-Golden, Assistant Curator


23 May: Disappearance: Shipwrecks, Tacita Dean and Paul Duke 

Melanie Vandenbrouck, Curator of Art



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