Conservation progress on Nelson's uniform

Nelson's Trafalgar coat has now entered that part of the process of conservation where its condition is thoroughly checked, comparing its current state with all previous observations so as to identify any deterioration.
This time will be different from previous examinations in that we'll be bringing some serious technology to the proceedings. We are going to carry out rather extensive analysis on the materials of the coat so that we know precisely what we're dealing with, such as the wool and its dye, the silk, the metal threads on the epaulets and medals, the buttons etc.
This will help us to determine what specific protection might be necessary, add to the historical details and give us a clear picture of the condition of the materials at a macroscopic level. We'll also be carrying out fading tests to see how much fading to the outside of the coat has occurred over the many decades of display.
Here are some recent photographs of the coat with the fragile silk lining starting to be removed.
IMG_3549.jpgLining of Nelson's Trafalgar uniform (UNI0024)
IMG_3575.jpgLining coming away from the coat
IMG_3582.JPGIMG_3587.JPGSection of lining removed from the coat