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10 August 2018

Every day at the Queen’s House is like a fashion show, every portrait on display is dressed to impress. When you are surrounded by the likes of Elizabeth I, Henry VIII or James I, it’s important to look your best. Luckily, the curatorial team is on hand to help. We have put together a handy list of the 16th century’s must-have fashion items to keep you looking on trend in the presence of their majesties.

25 July 2018

Whilst cataloguing a collection of papers from the early 19th century, relating to the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich, I came across a printed address dated 23 October 1823, written by the Hospital’s secretary, Edward Hawke Locker, to its Directors. 

24 July 2018

The Queen’s House, once known as the House of Delights, was built as a place for enjoyment, frivolity and rip-roaring parties dating back to the 1630s. However do not be mistaken in thinking that the wild days of the Queen’s House are in the past.

23 July 2018
The best of astronomy this month: Catch the peak of the Perseid meteor shower on the 12th - 13th August. By Dhara Patel, Astronomy Education Officer (Details given are for...
17 July 2018

Exotic animals have a long history in Britain. The Royal menagerie at the Tower of London was probably created in 1204 (during the reign of King John). There was an aviary at Greenwich Palace constructed for Queen Anne, which probably included both native and exotic birds, and there were other Royal menageries at Windsor, Richmond Lodge and Kew. 

17 July 2018

Discover the story of Cutty Sark's magnificent gilding, from its past to its present. 

11 July 2018

The ship's wheel is one of the most recognisable parts of Cutty Sark, it is also one of the most photographed items on-board. But its popularity can also be its downfall. 

10 July 2018

An intriguing item in the Caird Library rare book collection: ‘The Mariners' Marvellous Magazine : or wonders of the ocean : containing the most remarkable adventures and relations of mariners in various parts of the globe’ was begging to be introduced.   

10 July 2018

Performer and writer Christopher Green is bringing his unique approach to a new interpretation of Elizabeth I inspired by the Armada Portrait in the Queen’s House. Working with a team of expert costume designers and makers led by Bronya Arciszewska and Oliver Cronk, Christopher will explore how the most magnificent image of Tudor royalty is assembled layer by layer. What does it mean to be an icon? And how do you construct one?

5 July 2018

The recent acquisition of Kehinde Wiley’s Ship of Fools has prompted a ‘sea change’ in how visitors can view the subjects and history of the collection housed in the Queen’s House.